Santa Clarita Masters Swimming

The Santa Clarita Krakens Masters Swimming Club is open to all adult swimmers ages 18 and up (competitive, open water, triathlete, non-competitive) who would like a regularly scheduled fitness program following prescribed workout plans. Our focus is on educating the Masters swimmer on all aspects of the sport, but in particular, on stroke technique development, wellness, proper training, cardio and muscular strength. Our team members all have different goals…some want the exercise, some want to compete, but all want to improve their overall capabilities and most importantly, have a good time!

The team members run the full gamut of swimming experience and ability, so regardless of where you’re at you won’t have to worry about fitting in.

We offer high quality professional coaching and technique instruction for all skill levels and provide our swimmers with the opportunity to achieve success at the highest level possible.  Workouts alternate between focusing on strokes and proper body alignment to endurance and building speed. Work outs have different lanes for different levels of swimmers and each workout is designed specifically for your lane and ability. So, whether you haven’t been in a pool since high school, just competed in your first triathlon or just want to change up your exercise routine – we have a lane for you!  Come check out the team.

We have a passion for the splashin’ because we’re the Kickin’ Krakens!cropped-MiniKracken.jpg


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