Lane Etiquette

Pool Etiquette – or Laws of the Lane

Find and enter a lane within your abilities / speed level
Enter a lane in a manner that causes the least disruption to other swimmers.

This includes:
– enter behind all swimmers already in the lane
– announce your intention to enter the lane
– avoid overcrowding a lane
– wait until the next set to adjust the lane order.

Always swim right-to-left (counter-clockwise), even if you are alone in a lane.
Always leave at least 5 seconds behind the swimmer in front (10 seconds is preferred). The previous swimmer should be past the flags before next one pushes off.
Organize the lane order fastest to slowest.
Organize the lane order prior to beginning a set.
Before beginning, be sure everyone in the lane understands a set
Notify other swimmers if you intend to modify a set.
If you do not intend to complete a set, swim at the back of the lane or do not start the set.
Do not touch another swimmer’s feet without intending on passing.

Regarding stopping:
– stop at the ends of the pool only
– keep to the far right of the ‘T’ if you must stay in the water
– keep out of the way of other swimmers

Turns & finishes:
– push-off on the left-side of the ‘T’ if possible
– finish at the right of the ‘T’
– move to the left after finishing to allow other swimmers to finish to the right

– avoid passing if possible
– the passing swimmer should tap the next swimmer’s foot (only once)
– the swimmer getting passed should move to the far right of the lane and allow the pass
– passing should be avoided between the flags and the wall
– if a pass is incomplete by the flags, the passed swimmer should yield to the passing swimmer

Get Your Own Swim Gear – When you arrive at the pool, you should get your own swim gear (kick board, flippers, and pull-buoy). Be sure to use only your own gear. Don’t use another’s swim gear; they may have adjusted the fit in advance or have a specific type they prefer.